About HealthWorks!

What in the World is HealthWorks! Kids' Museum?

Beacon Health System CEO Philip Newbold joins HealthWorks! benefactors and patrons to talk about the healthy work we do at HealthWorks!

History of HealthWorks!

HealthWorks! has been infectiously contaminating kids of all ages since our doors first opened in February 2000. Two years earlier, the leadership of Memorial Health System and Memorial Health Foundation, inspired by Memorial’s vision of becoming the healthiest community in the nation, began dreaming about a bold and innovative way to reach kids. They knew that new and different approaches were needed to give children the passion and courage to lead inspired and healthy lives. They also knew they didn’t know a lot about how to do this…but they boldly moved forward, learning at the speed of light as they visited dozens of facilities and joined forces with many experts from both our local community and from across the country. Very quickly, the vision changed from dream to reality with the development and creation of HealthWorks!, a one-of-a-kind place that merges the best of both worlds from children’s museums and health education centers with our own creative spin. Today, we are the educational arm of Memorial Children’s Hospital and over half a million people have experienced our irresistible health edutainment through field trips, community outreach programs, birthday parties, special events and general admission visits. And though our facility is important, HealthWorks! is really about people and the way we interact.

Want to Bring HealthWorks! to your Community?

We are pleased to report the epidemic has begun, and many across the nation have caught the HealthWorks! bug – there have been outbreaks in places as far-ranging as Everett, Washington; High Point, North Carolina; and Tupelo, Mississippi. In fact, things have gotten serious in Mississippi, with the first HealthWorks! museum outside of South Bend, Indiana!

Is your community ready to be infected? There are many ways a HealthWorks! outbreak can spread, including:

  • Full scale HealthWorks! facility
  • HealthWorks! area in an existing facility
  • Licensing HealthWorks! exhibits
  • Licensing and becoming trained to deliver HealthWorks! original field trip programs
  • Licensing and becoming trained to deliver HealthWorks! original camps, activities and events

We are interested in working with you to help you determine the best ‘contaminant’ for your community and organization. To learn more about bringing HealthWorks! to your community, please contact Jacqueline Simmons, the HealthWorks! Conductor of Creative Chaos.

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